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When I was given the opportunity to create a thematic unit for a course in the Master of Educational Technology program at Boise State University, Instructional Message Design, my goal was to create a unit that was informative, could be standards-based, is accessible online, and appealing to our learners. Farmville was chosen to be the focus of the unit because success requires the application of math, it is played online, and the fact that it is a game causes it to be attractive.
Farmville + Facebook = <3
According to the All Facebook Web site, Farmville, a Zynga product accessed through a Facebook account, has approximately 31 million daily users and 80 million users who play at least monthly. The goal of the game is to plant and harvest crops, trees, and animals with players gaining coins used to purchase seeds for future crops, trees and animals, as well as decorations used to customize player’s farms. The mathematical features of the game provide a virtually unlimited resource for the creation of standards-based lessons for learners who must be over the age of 13 to comply with the game’s terms of service.

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Using Farmville to Teach Standards Edutopia

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