USATODAY: Colleges’ latest thrust: Video games

This is a great article and the comments are quite interesting. It lets us know that there is still a lot of outreach to be done to change the way society looks at the use of contemporary technology in traditional learning environments. What do you think?

Here is the link to the article:

Colleges’ latest thrust: Video games – USATODAY.com.

Here are a couple of the comments related to the article:

Philip Arrington · Park Ranger at National Park Service

If one can’t get the motivation to learn in college or lacks vision or drive there are many professions they might try as a drop out. This is not high school where we are required to graduate people. College must remain an institution of higher learning. History can be the only judge of the success of “innovation” or “cutting edge” educational models. Is this the direction we really want to travel? Call me old fashioned but I’m not paying tuition to support these types of programs.

Brendan Jones · University of Wollongong

Yep. I’ll call you old fashioned.Games based learning has the ability to teach meta learning skills like persistence, problem solving, collaboration and lateral thinking that will equip learners to apply those skills in just about any area of learning you care to mention. Serious games and simulations can prepare people for occupations where you might only get one chance, like piloting and plan, or surgery. Its not just the game tool, its the learning that takes place.


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