Pre-service and In-service Workshops

STEAM Enhancement vs. STEAM Integration

Integration is the blending of two or more content areas in a manner that assesses standards of all content areas. Enhancement is the use of one or more content areas to support the standards aquisition of another. Learn the differences between these two valuable instrucitonal techniques and how to apply them. Training: 3 hrs Cost: $300

Check out our Evolving STEAM Ingration session at the Title IV-A Arts and Education Summit for the Arizona Department of Education.

Teaching Tolerance in Preschool and the Early Grades

The vision of community that the early childhood classroom provides can color children’s expectations about equity, cooperation and citizenship for a lifetime. This training profiles seven innovative classrooms in which teachers are helping children practice fairness, respect and tolerance.

Training Only: 3 hrs  Cost $300

Training + Primary Educators Tolerance PLC: 16hrs

Social Justice Integration

Social Justice Standards are a road map for anti-bias education at every stage of K–12 instruction. This workshop introduces educators to the Social Justice Standards. Upon completion of this training participants will be able to explain the goals of anti-bias education and how the Social Justice Standards support those goals. They will learn to integrate the Social Justice standards into existing classroom and school climate materials such as STEAM instruction.
Training Only: 4 hrs  Cost $400

Training and Social Justice Integration PLC : 20 hrs

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