TRON/TRON Legacy 5 Disc DVD

In April, Disney released the TRON Legacy 3-D/TRON Collection. TRON was addressing net neutrality before the world knew what the net was. This combo pack is the perfect classroom tool to begin the conversation. Yes, I get that Legacy was a not the best plot line but who cares. When you think about the “cutting edge” special effects that are now quaint in the first film and the fact that they actually had to do R&D for the costumes in the second, there’s a conversation to be had about how quickly technology changes in a few short years. And don’t forget the…um parallels…to Star Wars. Come on I know you’ve been trying to figure out how to introduce the Star Wars Films into your classroom. Now you can compare and contrast plot lines. Maybe I’ll get around to doing a Star Wars Media Guide one of these days. In the mean time the media integration guide for the original TRON will have to do.

And by the way, I’d like to hear what you all are doing with your students.

Download the TRON Media Guide here

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