T&L: Curation is the new search: seven tools you may not know you can search with

by Joyce Valenza

This year, I am teaching my kids to curate.  While this is an exciting way for learners to discover how to manage their information worlds by consciously selecting and aggregating a variety of media and resources, not everyone actually needs or wants to curate every single time they research.

This year, I am also teaching my kids to exploit the best curation efforts of others as search tools.

In fact, curation tools present an exciting new genre of search tool–strategies for scanning the real-time environment, as well as opportunities for evaluating quality and relevance in emerging information landscapes.

Because a couple of our seniors selected autism as an area of interest for their senior project, I’ll use this topic as a sample search in seven of my favorite new search tools.

1. Scoop.it, newly out of beta, is one of the most popular and fastest-growing tools for curating an online magazine. Scoop.it curators regularly select, discard, and annotate automatic scoop feeds managed by keywords.

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