Title IV-A? Never Heard of It.

Most everyone in education these days knows about ESSA. For those not in the loop, ESSA is the Every Student Succeeds Act which is passed in 2015. It was a bipartisan effort to reauthorize the 50 year old Elementary and Secondary Education Act. It said goodbye to No Child Left Behind and opened the door for well rounded education in public schools.

Title I of this act provides formula grants to assist schools with certain percentages of low income children.

Title II of this act provides funds for teacher and principal training.

Title III focuses on institutions of higher learning.

And Title IV was all about 21st Century Schools, right? Those after school programs. Howeer Title IV is so much more. Under Title IV-A flexible funding is available to Title I schools to address Well Rounded Education/Safe and Healthy Schools/Effective Use of Technology. Projects that couldn’t be covered by Title I may very well be funded with this pool of money. You should check it out.

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