Time for a Reboot

Well my friends, its been forever since I made a post so I figured it was time for a reboot. For those of you who have been with us for a while…

“Hey, how are ya! Long time no see!”

For those of you who might have recently stumbled across our blog…

“Hey, how are ya! Nice to meet ya!”

Pop Goes the Classroom is an innovative support for educators mostly serving intermediate grade school, middle and high school students. That’s not to say ideas can’t be used with younger kids, after all I’m an early childhood specialist currently teaching 1st grade, its just that its more difficult to find pop culture that can be used that doesn’t distract the littles from the learning goals.

Our philosophy is simple.

“If the arts are the voice of a generation, pop culture is the dialect of its youth.”

If we can learn to speak this dialect, we can build meaningful relationship with the kids we serve. Meaningful relationships will intern result in higher student engagement and more meaningful learning.

So what is pop culture? Well there is quite a bit of disagreement over the definition. I can say this. Pop culture is usually arts based. Pop culture is movies, music, television, comic books, video games, table games, etc. All of these activities have one or more art forms in play.

For this reason, here at Pop Goes the Classroom, we see our work primarily in the role of STEAM integration.

So check out some of the old postings, or just read the new ones. There are lots of ideas to be had.



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