Three Ways to Include the Arts in Your School

Including the arts in our daily learning routines is important to a well-rounded education. Arts experiences can be included into a school day in one of three ways – arts instruction, arts enhancement and arts integration.

Arts instruction can be in the areas of art, music, dance or drama. Each artistic discipline has its own unique set of arts standards that are addressed throughout the course of a given class. Culminating experiences in art instruction might include an art show, a concert, a dance recital or a dramatic performance.

Arts enhancement is when an artistic discipline is used to enhance learning in an academic content area but is not part of the assessment rubric. This might be teaching children a song to remember the continents or a guided drawing activity to support science learning.

Arts integration occurs when both the academic content and the arts content are equally emphasized and assessed. It requires a clear understanding of standards to be assessed in both content areas and includes a culminating project to highlight learning.

How do you teach the arts in your school?

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