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Arizona SciTech Festival Kickoff Conference

The Launch event for the 3rd Annual Arizona Sci-Tech Festival took place today in the form of the Arizona SciTech Kickoff Conference: Communicating STEM in Arizona. The event was held in and around the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. Almost 50 … Continue reading

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Wired Geek Mom: No Starch Press Manga Guides Make Science Fun

BY MARZIAH Have you ever read a textbook cover to cover? I’m in grad school. I’ve had to do it more than once. It usually requires massive amounts of caffeine and re-reading a lot of pages. Well, there’s some good news. … Continue reading

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The Top Ten Daily Consequences of Having Evolved

Natural selection acts by winnowing the individuals of each generation, sometimes clumsily, as old parts and genes are co-opted for new roles. As a result, all species inhabit bodies imperfect for the lives they live. Our own bodies are worse … Continue reading

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