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Disney’s Frozen: Teacher Guide

We haven’t done a new media guide in quite some time. Disney’s Frozen was the perfect opportunity to do one. Now that it is out on DVD, we have the opportunity to use it in the classroom. It’s available for … Continue reading

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TRON/TRON Legacy 5 Disc DVD

In April, Disney released the TRON Legacy 3-D/TRON Collection. TRON was addressing net neutrality before the world knew what the net was. This combo pack is the perfect classroom tool to begin the conversation. Yes, I get that Legacy was … Continue reading

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James Cameron’s Avatar

On November 16, 2010, the 3-Disc Extended Collectors Edition Blue-ray of James Cameron’s AVATAR will be available to the public. It is a tool that can support learning in middle and high school classrooms for educators willing to embrace pop … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes Reinvented

Like Frankenstein and Dracula, Sherlock Holmes is a character so fundamental to his genre that although he was not the first fictional detective, he is widely considered the best. And like is counterparts in horror and suspense he is also … Continue reading

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