Social Justice/Equity Training for Primary Teachers

The vision of community that the classroom provides can color a child’s ideas and expectations about equity, cooperation and citizenship for a lifetime.

Most professional development opportunities related to social justice and equity are designed for intermediate students and above. Starting Small is specifically designed for primary educators.

Training Only: 3 hrs Cost $300

This 3 hour training designed for early primary educators (PreK-2) introduces primary educators to teaching practices that helpchildren practice fairness, respect and tolerance.

Topics include:

  1. Racial and Ethnic Awareness
  2. Family Diversity
  3. Nurturing Justice
  4. Fostering Gender Equity
  5. Discovering Diversity
  6. Prejudice Formation

The workshop is just the beginning:

Continue the learning journey with facilitated Professional Learning Communities that support the application of social justice and equity practices and allow your primary teams to hold one another accountable.

Improve primary teaching practice with 1:1 coaching specifically targeting social justice and equity practices in the classroom.

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