Resources for New Media in the Classroom

I’ve been thinking about new media and its role in educating digital natives alot lately. Perhaps its the work I’m doing currently with the Arizona Student Film Festival. Perhaps it is my frustration that I found the One Day On Earth after their participation packets would have been beneficial to you. Whatever the reason, I’ve decided to share a few resources that will help you embrace new media as a valuable tool in your classroom.

Edutopia offers their Back to School Guide: Jump Start Learning with New Media for free download. Edutopia is a valuable resource on the forefront of educational change. I really respect the site, their publications and of course the experts that make those things happen.

The Flip Video Education Program provides discounted pricing to teachers, K-12 Schools, School Districts and Higher Education in the United States. From video book reviews and school news reports to teacher observations for professional development, video provides a hands-on way for students and teachers to engage more deeply.

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