Remote Instruction: Looking Back on this Past Week

On the educational front, last week was pretty crazy as educators across the country struggled to put together distance learning options for their kids, some of whom are too young to read. Recognizing the unique challenges the teachers of our youngest learners will be facing we immediately took steps to support primary school teachers.

Our first step was to begin curating youtube playlists. These are some of our favorite learning videos that are used in many classrooms across the county. Next we put together an online Primary (K-3) Professional Learning Community that will focus the next six weeks on remote instruction. As of Sunday night we have 59 K-3 classroom teachers in the group.

We are challenging these teachers to go beyond the motions of remote teaching to look at what their desired outcomes for the experience are and how much engagement they can realistically expect.

We are looking forward to gaining some important insights over the course of the next six weeks and we will most certainly share what we learn.

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