Relevant Learning: Rugrats All Growed Up

by KellyAnn Bonnell, MAImage

Let’s face it. The media knows America’s kids better than their educators do. They understand how important it is to be relevant to their viewer. Rugrats All Growed Up is a perfect example of this. Rugrats is able to connect with two very different audiences because the characters that are familiar have story arcs that allow a young child to build an emotional attachment to Tommy that baby and then follow him into middle school later on. Pop Goes the Classroom is all about making learning relevant to the student. It’s about making the shift from focusing on the teaching to focusing on the learning. Recently we posted an image of great scientists from IFLS on our facebook page (btw have you LIKED our Facebook page yet?). It was a photo collage of these great men as children. 

Perhaps we need to take a page from the media industry handbook and learn about our demographics. Would children respond to younger images of these scientists in a different way than they respond to images of these great men as adults? Would they be inspired to follow in their footsteps because they thought of them as peers? It’s definitely worth consideration.

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