Pop Up Preschool

These are unprecedented times. As parents your juggling working from home and coordinating distance learning for your school-age children. It’s easy for the educational needs of your preschool age child to be overlooked.

You recognize that preparing for kindergarten is important; and you know that social distancing is important to slow the spead of the global pandemic. It’s why you’ve decided to home school your preschooler. And you want to get it right.

That’s why we created the Pop Up Preschool!

We know kindergarten preparation is a big deal. We’ve heard from Kindergarten teachers what a child needs to be successful in a structured kindergarten classroom. We know the skills and behaviors your child is going to need.

Under the direction of a master’s level certified early childhood educator, the Pop Up Preschool has been created to give you the resources necessary for you to successful prepare your child for kindergarten. We’ve combed the internet for the best early childhood resources content creator can provide. We’e curated it and built learning experiences around those resources.


Unlike a traditional preschool, our fee structure is not monthly. Instead we’ve broken up school year into four 9-week instructional blocks. You enroll in the Pop Up Preschool one quarter at a time. The cost of each quarter is $125.


You’ll receive access to an online learning environment that gives you the instructional guidance you need to complete fun, age appropriate, academically rigorous activities with your child.

You’ll receive access to your child’s electronic portfolio that keeps track of the work.

You’ll have access to training videos and video meetings with experts in the field of early childhood education.

You’ll become part of community of parents who are passionate about preparing their child for the kindergarten.


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