Pop Culture Literacy

Pop culture’s got a weird reputation in America. Most people like it (by definition), but those same people also seem to be a little guilty about it: TV rots your brain, video games make you violent and nerdy, pop music all sounds the same, comedians are foul-mouthed, and…you get the picture.

But we here in the Republic of Shmoop believe that everything’s worth thinking about in a smart, critical way. And you can’t deny that pop culture is kind of a big deal. Why wouldn’t you want to understand something that we’re saturated with almost every waking second of our lives?

In this 18-week course we’re gonna dig into popular culture in a serious way by thinking about Hollywood movies, rap, The Daily Show, Family Guy, Facebook, Call of Duty, Reddit, and other pop culture titans the same way we approach literature—all to see what we can learn about society, human behavior, and the kinds of art that we’re soaking our brains in.

For a course breakdown and details on signing up visit Shmoop here

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