Phoenix Comicon Clarification

It looks like you are all getting excited for the awesomeness that is Phoenix Comicon. We’ve been getting the inevitable questions about what education track programming will look like. The short answer is “we don’t know” but we are looking forward to seeing what the new team has planned and are confident that it will continue to be awesome.

For those of you who may be unaware, Pop Goes the Classroom is no longer involved in the planning and presenting of programming at Phoenix Comicon and its all good. We started our collaboration with Phoenix Comicon seven years ago and our founder, KellyAnn Bonnell worked with Phoenix Comicon to develop their educational track for six years. Last year at the end of the convention, she decided it was time to “send her baby to kindergarten” and passed the baton to the Science Track Program Manager.

The education track has solid programming and an excellent home with Science. We’re looking forward to the new blood the transition will bring this year.

This year Pop Goes the Classroom has partnered with Westercon which will be held in Tempe, July 1-4, so now you’ll have two opportunities for PD this summer!


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