Ovation’s The Art Of…

According to its website, ““The Art Of” explores creative fields that fall outside the traditional definition of “art.” Each week, a new artistic medium is explored through profiles of boundary-pushing artists. Focusing on the celebrated as well as the undiscovered, this series explores the creative process behind each featured art form and uncovers how and why these artists do what they do. From burlesque dancers to hair sculptors and dessert denizens, each week “The Art Of” reveals the passion that keeps these artists motivated and inspired.”

What we like about it is are short segments that are perfect for integrating into the classroom. Take for example the episode on Sound. In one half hour segment viewers were introduced to sound mixing for film, taiko drumming and beat boxing with a flute. The website is a great resource not simply for art teachers. We challenge you to find a way to integrate “The Art Of” into non-art classes. If you do please share your stories.

Check out the website here

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