New Training Topics

by KellyAnn Bonnell, MA


We are pleased to announce new training topics for the 2016-17 Academic Year tailored specifically to foster healthy positive youth development. Start the year out with the skills and tools necessary to building lasting relationships with your kids.

Understanding Today’s Youth: Going Beyond Child Development into Market Research

Let’s face it, no one knows American youth better than the entertainment companies that develop games and programs for them. We’ve established a great relationship with the researches at Cartoon Network and they have shared some amazing insights with us that we’ll share with your team.

Weathering the Storm: Trauma Informed Practice is the Pop Culture Classroom

The youth we serve come from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. When we allow them to be their true unique selves by celebrating their interests and passions we become valuable resources to support resiliency against adverse childhood experiences. Learn about these experiences and the ways we can help build resiliency in our youth.

Using Pop Culture to Teach Healthy Relationship Skills

From Tris to Katniss, Harry Potter to Jacob Portman, beloved characters in our favorite books and movies are often have to deal with all sorts of relationships, both positive and negative. Learn to use these powerful role models to discuss the development of healthy relationships.

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