My Pop Studio

I stumbled upon this site in my wanderings and thought some of you might want to explore it.
My Pop Studio is a creative play experience that strengthens critical thinking skills about television,
music, magazines and online media directed at girls. Users select from four behind-the-scenes opportunities to learn more about mass media:
• In the Magazine Studio, users compose a magazine layout featuring themselves as
celebrities. They choose sources to quote in an article. They also explore the power of
digital retouching and reflect on the role of body image in today’s culture.
• In the TV Studio, users edit a TV show where the story keeps changing but the images remain the same. They examine their TV viewing choices, comment on teen celebrities, and compare their daily screen time with others.
• In the Music Studio, users create a pop star and compose her image and song. They
explore the power of music in selling a product and search for truth in media gossip. The comment on the values messages in popular music.
• In the Digital Studio, users test their multi-tasking abilities. They share their experiences with the challenges of digital life online. They consider the “what if’s” of social networking sites and reflect on the power of media and technology in their social relationships.

My Pop Studio strengthens media literacy skills, promotes positive youth development, and increases awareness of the role of media in health promotion. Highly interactive creative play activities guide users through the process of deconstructing, analyzing and creating media. Video segments, flash animation, media deconstruction games and quizzes, and moderated blogs make
the website lively, fun and educational.

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