Movie Review from the Teaching Perspective: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman opens in theatres this week.¬†While the film is PG-13 and you probably won’t be able to use it as a summer field trip, it is a film your kids will be watching and one you definitely need to see. Why? As League of Extraordinary Academics member, Jon Bonnell, put it, “Wonder Woman has single-handedly saved the DC Cinematic Universe.”

The story is well written, the pacing is good, and the characters have great arcs. This film is an origin story framed as a flashback. We see Diana Prince in present day and we see her childhood on Themyscira. It has some elements of a coming of age film as Diana’s wide eyed optimism for her duty is crushed against the reality of war.

From a classroom perspective, this film does for World War I what Marvel’s Captain America origin story did for World War II. It gives you that prior knowledge that can be used as a springboard into the complexities of the time. You’ll see many commonalities between Captain America and Wonder Woman including strong characters both male and female. There is a real place for compare/contrast work with these two films. Wonder Woman also opens the door for lessons on the mythology and the Amazons.

This film is worth your entertainment dollar without a doubt. It’s always nice when it can be used as an instructional tool as well.

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