March is Literacy Month

by KellyAnn Bonnell, MA

There are few characters in American Pop Culture as iconic as those created by Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. From Horton to the Lorax, the characters and their stories, have captured the hearts and minds of children across many generations.

However Dr. Seuss books are more than simple entertainment. They introduce important concepts and phonics skills to early readers. This makes Dr. Seuss books a staple in almost every K-3 classroom in the country. Dr. Seuss is so beloved by teachers that the National Education Association chose his birthday, March 2 as Read Across America day and March is literacy month.

We at Pop Goes the Classroom take the celebration of all things Dr. Seuss very seriously. Last year we hosted the “Get Caught Reading After School Challenge”. We didn’t get as many pictures of reading with goats as we would have liked.

This year we took a little bit of a different tack and worked with kindergarten students at a Title 1 school to create mosiacs.

Thing Mosaic  Hat Mosiac

We used beans, rice and noodles to create images from the beloved children’s classic “The Cat in the Hat”.


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