Looking to the 2013-14 Academic Year

Each year Pop Goes the Classroom identifies a particular theme for our on site workshops. Last year it was using television and film to teach STEM related content in the classroom. The League of Extraordinary Academics presented a variety of topics on the conference circuit as well. That didn’t mean, however, that we didn’t address some of our tried and true topics. Zombies in the Classroom continues to be a perennial favorite as does Dystopian vs Utopian Societies.

This year the new workshops being added to the onsite training catalog are in the area of Historical Futurism. This includes Steampunk, Dieselpunk and the variety of other pop culture genres that allow our students to look at today through the lens of someone from the past.  This can be particularly powerful in areas of STEM/STEAM related learning because it allows us to look at the foundations of science and engineering with a little flair, so to speak. In May 2013, we began work on the guidelines for a Steampunk Science Fair based on the Exhibition of Great Works and Kiwanis club science fair rules. We are optimistic to have a clear set of rules to launch as part of the 2014 Sci-Tech Festival.


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