Harkins Summer Movie Fun

Learning doesn’t stop just because school is out. In fact, if we don’t make a conscious effort, children will forget up to 1/3 of what they learned during the school year. At Pop Goes the Classroom, we know that doesn’t have to happen. Informal learning happens in all kinds of places. One of them is most certainly the movie theater. With a little creativity, parents can use the movie going experience as the first step toward a journey of inquiry and discovery. Of course, we can’t always know what people are going to watch. Or can we?

Here in Arizona we have a program called Summer Movie Fun that is presented each year by our locally owned Harkins Theatres. Kids can enjoy a movie a week for 10 weeks for less than $1 per film. This program brings back some of the best family movies over the course of the past couple of years which means they are also out on dvd and blueray. So we’ll use the Harkins film series as our guide.

Each week we’ll highlight a film from the series, provide easy to implement ideas of how to use the movie as a way to keep kids’ brains working all through the summer.

We’re looking forward to helping you create meaningful rabbit trails based on movies.



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