Harkins Summer Movie Fun: The Croods

The Croods are forced out of their cave after an earthquake destroys it. Father Grug doesn’t like new things and wants to stay where they are and find a new cave. But Eep wants to escape cave life and is ready to explore the world.¬†After the earthquake the Croods realize that they need to find a new home. And in order to do that, they have to go on the world’s first family road trip. Joining the Croods is Guy, a young stranger who seems to know the way to safety.

The themes of this film are the importance of family and the idea that we shouldn’t fear change.

This is a great film to inspire a day trip. Arizona has many wonderful places to visit from the Grand Canyon to Kartchner Caverns. You can visit  local farms, ancient ruins, or any number of parks and trails.

Let the kids be your navigator for a drive around town and see where you end up.



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