Harkins Summer Movie Fun: Despicable Me 2

The third movie in this year’s Harkin’s Summer Movie Fun is Despicable Me 2. Former Evil Villain turned doting dad, Gru is recruited to find an evil villain who has stolen an arctic lab and a secret formula to mutate beings into indestructible monsters. Gru juggles being a single parent and secret agent as he helps the Anti Villain League root out the bad guys. 



Gru is a single Dad working hard to meet the needs of his growing daughters. He dotes and is overprotective. 


The Despicable Me movies explore ideas of transformation. Gru goes from Villain to Hero. The girls are transforming as they grow. His assistant misses the old evil ways and leaves the fold. The minions are transformed with the chemicals.

So what can you do with it?

Make a pair of minion goggles.

Mix Dry Ice with Water and let the kids play “mad scientist”

Visit your local science center.



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