Handling Holiday Break Camps

by KellyAnn Bonnell, MA

As teachers return to classrooms in January, OST professionals are brushing off the glitter from holiday break camps and shifting their thoughts to spring break camp and summer camp.

This winter break, we at Pop Goes the Classroom, went to Hogwarts for the Holidays and we had a great time. Wand making is such a great maker experience for kids who are neck deep in the Harry Potter stories. And with the help of our polymath Jenn Czepiel we’ve discovered that basic fencing stance and moves work well for wand techniques during defense against the dark arts classes.

These kinds of camps are all about the costumes and props. It’s about knowing who Headmaster Bonnell  is in the world of Harry Potter and understanding the easiest character to create is yourself. My wardrobe is carefully selected for days at Hogwarts camp. The right black dress, the right hood, the right hat. They lend to the experience for the kids.  It’s about the armor and the potions kit and the magical owl. It’s the movie soundtrack in the background.

The little things make such a difference.



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