Electronic Collages

It’s back to school time. Time for “What I did Over Summer Vacation” and “All About Me” and the myriad of other activities that will give you insight into who your students are as you build your classroom community. I’d like to introduce you to a couple of Web 2.0 options you might like to add to your bag of tricks.

First on the list is The Museum of Me by Intel. The Museum of Me is an application that displays information from your Facebook account as viewable “exhibits” in a virtual museum of your very own. Below are some images from my own personal exhibit.

So much of the lives of our tweens and teens is on Facebook. Imagine student’s narrating their exhibits or putting them to music.

Another electronic collage tool I really enjoy is Pinterest. This is an electronic collage of images from throughout the web. I look at it mostly as an electronic graphic organizer. Follow the link to see the board I’ve started for our Falling Skies/War of the Worlds alignment.

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