Content Specialists vs Youth Development Specialists

A typical class is 45 – 50 minutes in duration. ¬†Project based learning is a hot topic in education these days; but how do you engage kids in meaningful learning when you have them for chunks of time that are less than an hour? The silo-ing of content areas is a main problem. By intermediate middle school, teachers are specialized into their content areas teaching math, science, language arts, etc separately.However that’s now how the world works.

Then there is Out of School Time. Adults in these spaces are youth development specialists, not content area specialists. They get kids and how kids learn. There is no silo-ing of content. So what does project based learning look like in Out of School time? Check it out:


Once Upon a School is an initiative that Dave Eggers, the TED team, and 826 National developed after Dave received the 2008 TED Prize and was given one wish to change the world. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is known worldwide for its conferences, the exemplary TED talks it shares online at, and the people and causes it champions through its annual TED Prize. Dave’s wish was to gather stories of private citizens engaged in their local schools so that people everywhere could share the details of their efforts in schools and be inspired by the work being done by others.

Read more about Once Upon a School here

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