Classroom Resources

Teachers Guide Series by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences


Art Direction


Costumes and Makeup


Film Editing

Media Literacy3


Sound and Music

Visual Effects

Images of Learning Lesson Kits – Canadian Media Awareness Network

Stereotypes -Intermediate Lesson Kit

Stereotypes -Secondary Lesson Kit

Support for Educators

Filmmaking/Videos Sites

Video Game Sites

Online Comics Creators

 Online Arts Resources

Ecology Resources

Civic Engagement Resources

3 Responses to Classroom Resources

  1. A couple of great video sites to add:

    Some Ecology resources:

    Connections with educators in 200 countries:

  2. I have some more comic creators for you, most of which are on Janet Bianchini’s ScoopIt page:

  3. Frank Baker says:

    Another site link to add
    Media Literacy Clearinghouse

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