Community Education

“In a hunting society, children play with bows and arrows. In an information society, children play with information.”

Dr. Henry Jenkins

Different populations speak different dialects of popular culture; and Maricopa County has a diversity of populations. With this in mind, Pop Goes the Classroom has developed three specific categories of youth programming – Enrichment Programs, 21st CCLC & Title I programs, and Summer programs.

Enrichment Programs are designed in partnership with schools, recreation and community based programs looking for vendor partnerships. All registration and marketing of these programs handled by the partnering entity. Pricing is negotiated with the partnering entity resulting in varying fees throughout the county.

21st CCLC & Title I Programs are developed in partnership with grantees and are customized to achieve specific outcomes based on student needs. These programs are based on a fee for service model per session.

Day Camps serve children and youth during their academic breaks, most commonly summer.  They are often marketed direct to consumer and coupons and other opportunities for discounts are available through Pop Goes the Classroom directly.


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