Call for Poetry

Call to Poets: Celebrating the Caesars and Ancient Rome 

Deadline November 1, 2021

Pop Goes the Classroom is pleased to announce a collaboration with artist Marek Danielewski and FourStrokeStudio to promote critical thinking and celebrate the Caesars as artistic inspiration.

Over the years, ancient Rome has been a popular topic for film and television. Spartacus (STARZ), Rome (HBO), Britannia and Domina (EPIX) have brought ancient ROME into contemporary popular culture. As with all media, their depictions vary in their level of accuracy.

We are seeking poetry submissions that reflect the personhood of the great Caesars in a manner that can connect the contemporary audience to the historical figures in a manner consistent with Danielewski’s multimedia approach to the topic as seen below in his artist’s statement.

Artist Statement:

When I see Roman Art, I immediately think of fancy banquets and the excess in all forms.  The American vision of self is that of Ancient Rome.  Where for the French, Brutus is the hero of the Republic, so as for Americans it is Caesar who resides as the pinnacle of the Empire.  The American public including writers like Gore Vidal have been for the longest time referencing America’s link, similarities and growth toward the Roman Empire.  While Hollywood puts out a steady dose of sword and sandal epics for the viewing public to make the same association. In my work I feel I am showing this link in a contemporary media.  By engaging the iconic image of the Caesar I feel I am showing the degradation, the excess that is America and the Roman Empire.

We look forward to a rich diversity of submissions from practicing poets, students and hobbyists.

Images of Daneilewski’s Caesar’s Series can be found at and Instagram @fourstrokestudio. We are seeking original works only. Simultaneous submissions will be accepted, but the poet must notify us as soon as possible if the work is accepted elsewhere. It is free to submit, and multiple poems may be submitted. 

Inquiries and Submissions should be sent to

Submissions must include in the subject line Caesars Poetry Submission

Submissions must be in PDF format for the selection process. 

In the body of the email please include your name and contact information.

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