Buzzfeed in the Classroom: More to the Story

Buzzfeed in the Classroom: More to the Story

by KellyAnn Bonnell MA

Fostering 21st Century Skills in the classroom can be daunting at times. The challenge is how to engage students in a way that is meaningful for them while still meeting your academic goals. You have to use your own higher order thinking skills if you want your students to. More importantly you have to be far enough outside the box that you can meet your students on their own ground.

Buzzfeed is an excellent tool for this. While not everything is going to be appropriate, remember Common Core requires common sense,  Buzzfeed can give you some great opportunities to introduce content to students.

For instance:

“Just because the credits roll doesn’t mean the story ends” is the tag line for the BuzzFeed titled 9 Fantasy Characters Who Ultimately Regret Their Final Decisions. This is a great way to help students exercise their critical thinking skills. Use it as the introduction to a literature review of a classic tale with several versions. Then have your students take the characters beyond the end of the story. 



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