Book Review-Playing to Learn: Video Games in the Classroom

Playing to Learn: Video Games in the Classroom by David Hutchison is a well thought out resource designed to promote media literacy through the exploration of video games as pop culture artifacts. Hutchison explains in his introduction:

“Many students are consumers of video games in that they play video games for extended periods of time each week, but how many young people are critical consumers of video games who actively reflect on the games they play, how they are made, how they are marketed, and how they can be improved? This book aims to turn young gamers into commentators on existing video games, as well as creators of new games.”

What Hutchison presents is not what one would expect from a video game advocate. He is not presenting video game play as a replacement for direct instruction, instead he believes that by engaging with them as pedagogical resources students can study, discuss and analyze virtual worlds using creativity and critical thinking. Check out some of his activities here.

For more information about Playing to Learn visit the website.

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