Arizona SciTech Festival Kickoff Conference

The Launch event for the 3rd Annual Arizona Sci-Tech Festival took place today in the form of the Arizona SciTech Kickoff Conference: Communicating STEM in Arizona. The event was held in and around the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. Almost 50 Arizona municipalities and a similar amount of school districts were represented. It was great to see so many educators

During the initial panel, Festival Boons, Barriers, and Dreams, panelists shared what they had learned from last year’s festival. Events, large and small, were represented; each sharing their challenges and dreams as they move into the third year of the festival. Pueblo Grande Museum shared their Ancient Technology Event and the City of Chandler’s annual event.

However what caught my attention, was the panelist from Centerra Mirage Elementary School because it was something that could be replicated in classrooms everywhere. The event was Science Cafes. On a regular basis, 2nd Grade STEM educator, Corey McCoy invites outside STEM professionals to speak to students and parents allowing them to learn more about STEM careers. This is a small event with a huge community impact. What STEM/STEAM related events will you schedule this year in your classroom?


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