Arizona Gifted Association Conference

Today we presented Pop Goes the Classroom to Gifted and Talented Educators across Arizona. It was another standing room only presentation. Thank you for your kind reception today. As you scroll through the blog you will find resources for many of the topics we discussed today from cell phone usage to educational social networks, student film making, comics in the classroom and so much more.

There were some interesting discussions from today’s presentation that I want to share with those who were unable to attend.

As with our last conference there was a great deal of discussion about technology, its integration and its use in the classroom and how we balance its use with the loss of real social interactions. Pop culture integration allows you to use pop culture as the entry point for meaningful dialogue with your students. It should not replace it.

One of the attendees approached me afterward and we had an interesting dialogue about the parallels between texting and inventive spelling. Perhaps others might have some thoughts on this very interesting topic.

I very much enjoyed my morning with this great group of educators. Please use this and the Creative Collaborations Group on Facebook as places to share, communicate and integrate!

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