Arizona Afterschool Conference

Pop Goes the Classroom launched its workshop series with a presentation to 60+ out of school time professionals at the the Arizona Afterschool Conference yesterday. The workshop was well received.

Cell Phones

One of the topics that came up early on in the presentation was the use of cell phones. Liz Kolb created Cell Phones in Learning, a wiki that explores cell phones as an educational tool in some depth.

Poll Everywhere ( provides free text polling to educators for classroom use.

Poetry and Song Writing

Another topic that arose was poetry and song writing using web 2.0 resources.

For those of you comfortable with incorporating music composition in your programs Sound Junction’s new Note Canvas Tool allows you to draw notes on the canvas, and then use a wide selection of different tools and functions to change and develop your music.

If you are wanting someone to facilitate programming for you then visit the Phoenix Conservatory of Music.

If there are other topics I promised to post that I’ve overlooked just drop me a line and I’ll get the up for you. Thank you to everyone who attended the workshop.

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