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TAXI: Using Water Droplets, Turn Your Phone Camera Into A Microscope

Illinois-based entomologist Alex Wild has come up with a clever idea to transform your iPhone or Android camera into a microscope. All one has to do is simply place a drop of water on the phone’s lens and carefully turn the device over. … Continue reading

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Publishing Perspectives: What’s Wrong with Children Self-Publishing? Nothing

By Dave Weich Kids won’t want to read books written by other kids? Who says? Must have been an adult. “Over the past five years,” Elissa Gootman reported in the March 31 New York Times, “print-on-demand technology and a growing number of self-publishing … Continue reading

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By Mark Wilson Most data we study is presented in 2-D. And as clear as a pie or line graph can be, it’s still a once-removed experience, just something else you see on paper or a computer screen. You can’t … Continue reading

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