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So…What is Pop Culture?

WHAT IS POP CULTURE? So what is Pop Culture? That’s an interesting question. There are few theoretical concepts that are as value-laden as popular culture. There are multiple definitions, and even after exploring them there is little clarity. John Story, … Continue reading

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TRON/TRON Legacy 5 Disc DVD

In April, Disney released the TRON Legacy 3-D/TRON Collection. TRON was addressing net neutrality before the world knew what the net was. This combo pack is the perfect classroom tool to begin the conversation. Yes, I get that Legacy was … Continue reading

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Book Review: You Couldnt Ignore Me If You Tried, by Susannah Gora

I was going to write my own review of this book but then I read what Kirby Fields at had to say and decided not to reinvent the wheel.  It’s screaming for a Media Integration Guide…yeah I know its … Continue reading

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The Classroom of Popular Culture

What video games can teach us about making students want to learn by James Paul Gee Why is it that many children can’t sit still long enough to finish their homework and yet will spend hours playing games on the … Continue reading

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